Episode 37 - "We were peaceful people, we just farmed and collected stuff in the woods"


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Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! apple.co/2mRdkHy bit.ly/2m8Hfwv --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! discordapp.com/invite/Bf2Vnn3 --- **00:00:30** Welcome: Davin, LiNkzr, and Big00se **00:02:45** Discussing how Gigantti came together **00:07:30** Describing what it means to "gel" as a new team **00:12:30** Discussing Gigantti, the sponsor **00:16:30** Discussing OWL and if Gigantti players were trialing **00:17:00** Contenders Season 1 -- general feelings on the event **00:19:30** LiNkzr's take on the 4v4 celebrity deathmatch **00:20:30** How sure of winning was Gigantti coming into the finals? **00:22:00** Did Gigantti know about the potential for double map picks going in? **00:24:45** Discussing improvisation vs set plays in Overwatch **00:28:30** Discussing how to take second point Anubis **00:33:00** Discussing patches in Contenders **00:34:00** When did Gigantti know they were sure to win? **00:35:20** Talking about how good Shaz is **00:39:00** Talking about the strength of EnVyUs / Dallas Fuel **00:41:30** OWL news, the leaked Miami Mayhem name and logo **00:44:45** Listener questions **00:45:00** What is your favorite Finnish food? **00:45:30** How would you adjust Contenders Season 2 **00:47:00** Which hero needs to be buffed next? **00:50:00** Do you prefer a set map pool or a pick ban? **00:51:30** How do you rate Taimou's meatballs? **00:52:30** How can a Platinum player improve for Overwatch Open matches? **00:54:00** Who discovered Boombox back in the Cyclowns days? **00:57:00** What is everyone's take on Dafran returning to Overwatch? **00:58:00** If you could choose any OWL team to join, which one would it be? **01:00:30** What esports did LiNkzr play in beforehand? **01:01:00** The importance or not importance of LAN experience **01:03:30** With regard to the local Finnish scene, are there any players that are standing out? --- # Follow LiNkzr on: **[Twitter](https://twitter.com/LiNkzrOW)** **[Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/linkzr)** # Follow BigG00se on: **[Twitter](https://twitter.com/BigG00seOW)** # Follow Davin on: **[Twitter](https://twitter.com/Davin_OW)** **[Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/davinow)**

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