Episode 39 - "The Dallas Fuel roster is essentially meta-proof"


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**NOTE: We lost the Q&A section on this week's podcast...technical difficulties T_T sorry everyone!!! --- Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! apple.co/2mRdkHy bit.ly/2m8Hfwv --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! discordapp.com/invite/Bf2Vnn3 --- **00:00:30** Welcome, Custa! **00:01:15** What's been keeping Custa busy? **00:02:15** Custa's path to Overwatch **00:03:15** The death of Fnatic **00:07:15** Custa's transition to OWL **00:11:30** The benefit of supports learning more than just Lucio or flex **00:15:00** How were Dallas Fuel tryouts structured? **00:17:00** The balance of Dallas Fuel's emotional state **00:19:45** The Dallas living arrangements for OWL **00:21:30** The new styles Dallas is capable with the new lineup **00:23:15** Moira discussion **00:34:15** Discussing BlizzardWorld **00:35:30** Discussing Fuel's in-state rivals, the Outlaws **00:39:00** Who will Fuel practice against? **00:45:00** Who is your Korean rival? **00:46:00** Discussing the World Cup --- # Follow Custa on: **[Twitter](https://twitter.com/custaaOW)** **[Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/custaa)**

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