Episode 28 - "I don't want to be Hannibal, rolled into the booth to yell at the screen"


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Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! apple.co/2mRdkHy bit.ly/2m8Hfwv --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! discordapp.com/invite/Bf2Vnn3 --- **00:00:00** Welcome Uber!! **00:01:00** What's been keeping Uber busy? **00:03:00** Tell us about the decision-making behind sending a fully formed team for Australia's national team **00:08:00** Talking Misfits/Team Sweden **00:11:40** Surprises at the Sydney World Cup **00:12:10** Team Spain **00:17:30** Team Japan **00:26:00** Describe the World Cup as a Fan, Caster, and Committee member **00:32:00** Uber on his efforts to not be pigeonholed as a hype caster **00:35:00** Uber on his homecoming to Australia **00:44:30** Discussing the pace of Overwatch, and the value (or not) of feedback from social media **00:49:00** What is Uber currently working on improving? **00:53:00** Speculating on what to do to improve the spectator experience **00:57:00** The division between play-by-play and color casting in Overwatch **01:03:00** Looking forward to Poland World Cup, predictions **01:08:00** Looking forward to USA World Cup, predictions **01:14:00** OWL Announcements discussion **01:21:00** Listener questions **01:21:30** Who does Uber think are some under-noticed/appreciated casters? **01:25:30** Commenting on the World Cup desk setup / marching orders **01:28:10** Who is Uber's favorite Western pro? **01:31:00** What are Uber's future plans? **01:33:00** Are Overwatch League Orgs just going to buy out orgs or pick up individual players? --- Follow Uber on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/UberShouts

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