Episode 29 - "When we scrimmed Korea, every time we died they'd scream and laugh"


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Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! apple.co/2mRdkHy bit.ly/2m8Hfwv --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! discordapp.com/invite/Bf2Vnn3 --- - **00:00:00** Welcome to Mangachu and Roolf! - **00:01:30** Discussing airline seating - **00:03:30** Discussing Mangachu's D.Va - **00:07:30** Did Canada prepare Pharah-Mercy because they knew Oasis was the tiebraker versus Russia? - **00:11:20** Talking a bit of Sombra - **00:13:30** The pressure of the Canada-Russia match - **00:19:00** Any players that surprised you? - **00:19:40** Who do you want to face next, at BlizzCon? - **00:24:00** Discussing the format of the Overwatch World Cup - **00:31:00** Doomfist??? - **00:33:00** Thoughts on the Anti-Dive comp? - **00:38:00** Getting distracted by NBA players - **00:41:30** What surprised you about your own teammates? - **00:44:30** Listener Questions - **00:44:45** Do we think there will be a lot of Doomfist at BlizzCon? - **00:45:15** How many balls can Roolf carry? - **00:47:30** Do you think the groups were seeded well? - **00:50:30** How bad was the cactus popsicle? - **00:54:00** Who gives the best hugs on Team Canada? - **00:54:00** Thoughts on the Luna scandal? - **00:59:00** Thoughts on EnVyUs in the OWL? - **01:01:00** Thoughts on the Brad to NRG move? - **01:04:30** Thoughts on the Player Signing Period? - **01:06:00** How did you get so good at Pharah? --- Follow Mangachu on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mangachu_ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mangachu_ Follow Roolf on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoolfOW Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/roolfow

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