A Willingness To Share


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This new Jordan Peele movie Us has me truly thinking about images in the mirror. Within the arrival of all things that make you present, the beauty of that sheet of glass is the existence of relationship. Those eyes, that nose, hair and teeth have been stared at for how many years? Not even your parents know you like that mirrored image knows you. On this podcast we dive into the darker and lighter side of the personalities we keep from those outside that strange piece of magic hanging on the wall. I'm shocked mirrors don't come with tiny cups to catch the tears we've all cried. In the movie Us, Jordan lures your imagination into a realm of truth based on each of us having a deeper less forgiving side. If that life on the other side were to appear in front of you. Would you still be friends, connected in ways that brought you to safer paths to grow forward? Here's what's scary. In the mirror the movements you make are perfectly played out. Both of you are exactly the same. Away from that mirror, the image you project in public is exactly what your boss, family members and friends want you to do and become. You are the image in their mirror. Then one day you look back and realize you haven't been living your ideas, goals and successes. Everything is connected to someone else. Like leaves on a family tree they'll fall one by one. You'll feel completely alone. Only to realize the image in the mirror still remains. Relationship. Nobody knows you more. Do you know anything about the person staring at you in the eyes? Begin the journey of understanding. Mindfully be present with a richer purpose. Become grateful for all that is in the moment.

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