Addicted To Something


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My dad used to accuse me of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Coming from the state of Montana where we raised chickens I knew exactly what he was talking about. I don't suggest that you fall witness to it. I only invite you to picture how your journey looks to a lot of people entertained by the craziness that surrounds us. Why are we like this? Some might think it our way of trying to live as much life as we can before the rug is pulled from beneath our feet. It goes deeper than that. We are addicted to something. No really! Something. I didn't put any other word in there like drugs, alcohol, shopping or eating. I said something. We're always up to something. We need something to do. It's that something that has its claws dug deep inside. Something. On this podcast the goal is to help you understand how rewarding it is to live in the presence of Now. Not an easy place to hang your hat. It's too easy to grab our something and hightail it into a past that can easily be written by way of locating new friends. Something is taking you out. Something is making you happy for a moment but its distance is hard to digest Something is always going on and the inner child needs to be fed a full bottle of that something as often as it can. Getting that something under control is what you can do in the now. Be mindful of it. Be present with you and how feel now. Not tomorrow looking back. Now. Honest transparent conversations with your self take that something and turns it into a choice. It can either be a tool or dead weight. Something to think about poisons what needs to be activated. We think too much and then get tired of the idea that its been on your mind all day. Turning something into physical movement allows your creative source of energy to be clear to grow. I'm not a fan of writing your thoughts on a computer but if it helps you begin to understand the core of your drive then put yourself on that path. You'll later learn the actual act of writing does amazing things to your mind body and soul. Get control of your something. We're all addicted to it. If it wasn't for Google calendar you'd be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

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