Breaking Through


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In all things I do there needs to be a purpose. First the plan. Then a reason for the season. I'm sure I drove my parents crazy. Who? Why? When? How? Trust me when I say a long list of decision makers at the workplace closed me out because I always wanted to figure out newer and better ways to reach those we were trying to touch. Every business has an expectation. If you aren't sharing the mantra or activating the mission what becomes of the product? On this podcast I step into a layer of experiences that take the words we use and finally see that what's being shared could actually be breaking people in two. As a martial artist we were trained to break bricks. Moving energy from a valuable source and pushing it outward. Most stand above the bricks like Gods then shove their weight into the purpose. I chose to showcase the incredible amount of energy that builds up in each of us while meditating. I was going to break four bricks from a push up position. Building that energy to the point of moving elements from the universe. In the moments before my second degree black belt test I was having an extremely difficult time seeing my vision come true. I sat with my Master. He spoke of gaining access to permission. Had I asked the bricks if I could break them in two? Once we break something it's not going to be the same again. Which opened my heart to the moments that we walk through an everyday world. Do we ask the people we are with if we can break them? I've had my share of bosses who never brought that question forward. It makes you aware of the words you share. It clears your heart of the ideas of trying to climb invisible ladders. We are all on the same page. Problem is... Do you truly know what's written on it or is it just another object you have to learn? The bricks I broke on test day are still with me. They are part of my forest. I guaranteed them a place of peace. They would never be in two by becoming one with the trees and all things connected. It makes me wonder about the pieces that so many in the workplace create. If your job is like mine once there's separation those that once busted tail to bring the product to the client no longer share. Life moved on. Maybe it's time to take note of the energy we push through the air and become aware of the damage by activating the unseen amounts of peace that still exist. Bosses always remind us of how our jobs are our family. Funny how Oprah Winfrey never tries to reunite that unspoken dysfunction.

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