Candy Coated Plastic Smile


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As everyday people we do whatever it takes to make sure we show up and land the performance. In those moments no matter how much we love or hate what we're doing there needs to be an end result so that tomorrow will still carry fuel in the tank. The one thing I took from Elton John's movie Rocketman was how he utilized the empowerment of pasting a candy coated plastic smile on his face before every performance. He had to raise his game or face a huge crowd looking back at him wondering how they'd get their musical high. On this podcast we dive into that candy coated plastic smile and how much of an impact it may or may not have on your life and style today. Learning to face those post production blues moments. One minute you're riding a wild high only to face plant your ambition the next hour. Being aware of how you arrive into each new day is a self discipline that requires constant attention. For most of us our biggest buzz kill is that image in the mirror. We see the stories in our eyes but the candy coated plastic smile tells you how everything's gonna be alright. I do three things everyday that prepares the creative self how to build moments of victory and success while facing the uphill battles of having an unseen path and yet you know you've got to keep growing. 1. Make your bed the very second you get out of it. 2. I write my prayers in a book. To physically get my entire body involved. 3. I take a very early morning walk with my out of control dog and on that journey I tell myself what today's intentions are. Then I come into the studio with a cleared heart and vision that has goals to meet. It doesn't mean I'll conquer every mountain but it keeps me alive in a moment I have control of.

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