Detective Fil Waters From The Interrogator On Investigation Discovery


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Throughout his storied, 33-year career in law enforcement, Houston Police Department’s Detective Fil Waters made a name for himself as one of the nation’s most successful interrogators. Of the 400+ murder investigations he was assigned, he gained confessions in more than 90 percent of those cases. With a calm but stern demeanor, Fil perfected the ability to dig deep into the psyche of a culprit, using strategic lines of questioning and reading people’s voice inflections and body language to unearth jaw-dropping confessions. In Investigation Discovery’s new six-part series, The Interrogator, Det. Waters recounts his most shocking cases, showing how his keen detective work allows him to convince prime suspects to lower their guard and reveal answers that police never saw coming. Viewers will go straight into the interrogation room to witness firsthand how Det. Waters uses his unique instinct and tactical interrogation skills to elicit confessions, showcasing a strategy and expertise that only a top-notch homicide detective can develop. On December 10, Det. Fil Waters can discuss the new series, recount some of his most unforgettable cases, and reveal the tactics and strategy that goes into becoming a successful interrogator.

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