Don't Write The Story


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I think it's because I'm a daily writer that's been lucky enough to have five books published. I'm very guilty of writing the story before any event takes place. I can be two weeks to three months from a moment that's been on the calendar and without a doubt I'll start laying out the story before anything arrives. Talk about setting ourselves up for failure! We write the story to prepare. To get ready for a moment of what could be a victory. It's almost like predicting what someone will say next. Sometimes we get it. On this podcast we dive into how much shame, guilt and fear we put ourselves through by writing the story before the accountability of actuality. Being aware of how we beat ourselves up over a non event actually has the staying power of deflating your willingness to want to grow. Why should you be happy about anything in life when the writer in your head and heart has already put the story in forward motion? I use several tools to keep myself focused on being present in this moment of Now. Meditation and Yoga Nidra are brilliant connections of getting the required energy for what you can handle Now. Nidra is what most Yoga Masters shove into the final moments of class. Truly studying it's greater strength should read about. Study it's history. Get caught up on why Nidra is a powerful step in connection and not to be used only at the end of class. The combination of meditation and Nidra create an openness of acceptance without having to sit in traffic and stress over an event several hours or months from your present place of Now. I daily write twice. Everyday. I'm not saying it's your thing but hand writing is an incredible way to keep yourself communicating with who you are. I'm pushing ink into the paper at 4:30 am. Then again around 3:30 to 4pm every afternoon. 25 years of this nonsense. Becoming aware of how you write the story light years ahead of its time prepares you to handle what's truly going on right now. I'm convinced that time isn't moving too fast. We're making the future happen long before it gets here.

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