Fix What Is Broken Now


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I'm a people watcher. In every place I travel I take the time to stop and listen to listen while studying their body language. Being an on air radio personality puts me in places like this because it's a daily goal to connect with those that happen to take the time to listen. When you speak the street they're driving on a purpose and plan has been reached. All it took was a willingness to stop and just listen. On this podcast we break open the idea that we're all locked and lost on this path of being individuals. I love it when people gain the strength to stand alone. If you look around you there's a lot of alone time now but those silenced are without helping hands and proper healing. We are a community of individuals but nobody's talking. If we are its nothing more than a game of keeping up with the Jones'. Pressing your beliefs into the chest of those we call close gets old. Sometimes the only thing required in the moment is a simple word. Rather than preach to family and friends. Send a word, a positive thought such as, "Wow glad it's not raining." There's a big chance your expression will be easily erased, tossed into the junk mail delivery box and marked as too much handle. As individuals we spend too much time trying to fix the future. Think of it this way. The moment your nose starts to get snotty do you buy over the counter meds for a cold, flu or allergies? When your stomach is upset do you reach for an antacid, meditation to relieve stress or jump into a hole overflowing with shame, guilt, doubt and fear? We're trying to fix something that we know nothing of. Cheech and Chong once did a bit that to this day resonates in my soul. The two guys painted this picture of a walk and they come across a pile of something, "Looks like dog ****. Feel. Smell. Taste. Guess we better not step in it." They took care of their moment. The now. From a distance they observed without wasting time on assumption. Don't pry into lives, "Looks like a moment of change and challenge. Listen. Feel. I'm here when you are ready."

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