If We Are Here What Do We Have Here


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There are countless days that I step into what's been written and find myself questioning today's lesson. When I jumped onto this path of being true to the presence of activating accountability nowhere did it say that I had a choice of what's being shared. I see my social network numbers drop like huge rain drops the very second I bring up God or the universe. Religion and spirituality are extremely personal but if you look between what pushes you away there's going to be a mustard seed. On this podcast I reach back to September 2016. That's almost three years ago. You can't argue with a self that's already been here and gone. We try to don't we? Living in that past that we can so easily change by shuffling up the experience and yet when you waddle through the daily writing all that has been inked into place can't be erased. Curiosity always kills the cat. I still read love letters shared when my wife and I first met twenty seven years ago. I love reading things that have been handwritten because there's always a mustard seed you didn't see the last time you dropped by. Doodles or pencil sketches never look the same way two days straight. That's why we add to them or throw them away. The interpretation of the moment no longer carries with it the same emotional connection and the newer you finds it difficult to relate. Between 1997 and 2012 I used to physically paint inside my books of daily writing. I love opening the protective cases where they presently rest and smell the acrylic and oils. I've been here but what do we have here? Here in the present! In the now! What you've been doing everyday for numerous years shows your inner being that you are here but what do you have here? What mustard seed do you keep missing?

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