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Oh this is gonna get preachy today. If you're not into this game of inspiration you might want to run to a different page and day. I've talked a lot about "Hidden Speak." It's a term I coined when identifying with the methods of creative energy that won't let you drop the shields that keep you protected. On this podcast I put forth the effort to help the creative mind find places of safety when everything and everybody around you pretty much feels like a dark cloud and a rainy day. I'm not saying that everybody has to become a daily writer. Its a chore! It's hardcore discipline! I can't put that on someone's shoulders and expect them to locate tremendous amounts of inner peace. I'd say that seed didn't pop above the soil until twenty two years into my daily walk. But you've got to find a way to let it go without having to face a new cost. We horde life and all its challenges. We build huge walls and mountains then convince our inner thinking process that we're fully protected. Not true. The existence of your present place is the weight of the days you'd like to rewrite. You can do it but the truth still remains. I still see the moments when program directors from 35 years ago tore my radio show apart because it wasn't what they wanted. I can still hear my father ordering me to take down the 18 speakers on my bedroom wall. He didn't realize that my imagination existed beyond that sound. Get rid of it. Your place in the present is to receive. Do you honestly believe you have enough room in that itty bitty closet you call your heart? Be mindful. Be aware. Take notes. Your future self will totally respect your efforts made today.

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