Just Say I Forgive You


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I daily write not to relive. I daily write to learn from. Today I paged back to August 3, 2016. That's almost three years of everyday life experiences. What seemed to come across as a growing victory actually turned into a horrid journey and extremely damaging storm. On this podcast I'm transparent in the way of knowing how important cliffs are when it comes to taking a leap of faith. You can't deny that we work to reach certain points of personal discovery as well as business success. When it doesn't play out the way we planned or dreamed it feels like the universe swallowed us then spit us out on the opposite side of a nameless dark hole. Once free from all that stapled your existence to the invisible sheets of creative paper the desire to move in any direction becomes an overcrowded road map not yet identified by Google or Facebook. How do you cross that bridge of faith knowing the patterns of choice resembles a life once lived? We are creatures of habit. We put ourselves in places and situations of the same actions and reactions because it's become a comfort zone or a place we know so there's less stress. You'll deal with whatever's delivered. Yet we hold onto the dark clouds streaking through an empty sky thinking in the blink of an eye it'll become sunshiny. Not until you forgive yourself and all things and others involved. So many try to do it face to face. That's not necessary. Why put yourself in a past you can't change? Just say, "I forgive you." Then grow forward.

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