Kim Goldman's New Podcast Confronting OJ Simpson


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25 years after the "Trial of the Century" Kim Goldman, sister of murder victim Ron Goldman, is digging deep into the vicious crime that changed her life, and many others, forever. Thrust into the public eye at the age of 22, Kim was devastated when OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her brother Ron. There has been much debate and confusion about what really happened the night of those brutal murders and for the first time Kim gets answers to questions that have been haunting her since the trial. She sits down with prosecutors, investigators, witnesses who never got to speak and jurors who voted not guilty. In this 10 part series, Kim takes you on a journey as she reclaims and reflects on the part of her life that was changed permanently. The podcast debuts June 12th. TALKING POINTS FOR KIM GOLDMAN AND CONFRONTING OJ SIMPSON * The girl Ron loved speaks publicly for the first time, and shares the plans she and Ron had the night of the murders. She explains why she has carried so much guilt for 25 years. (She thinks she might have changed the outcome of that evening.) * Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark confronts the reasons she pulled away from my father and me during the trial and how she feels about it now. * Chris Darden shares what he has carried with him: the debt he feels like he owes our family, what the prosecution team could have done differently, and we confront the anger and sadness over the injustice surrounding this case * Chris Darden gives me advice on what to say if I have the opportunity to confront OJ Simpson face-to-face. And let's just say I can't repeat it on a family friendly show. *We learn about the sleazy ways people have merchandised the murders of Ron and Nicole, which started during the trial and still continue to this day. * I confront two jurors who voted to acquit O.J. Simpson of my brother's murder to ask if they would vote the same way today, (even with all of the additional evidence that was shown during the civil trial.) * Nicole's friend and witness Kato Kaelin confronts his experience testifying at the trial. It clearly still bothers him that he was treated as a hostile witness by Marcia Clark. * A witness, who saw Simpson driving near the murder scene and sold her story to a tabloid TV show, tells me why it was the biggest mistake of her life. Plus the real reason she sold her story * I go back to the LA County Superior Courthouse, where Simpson was tried for the murders, for the first time in 25 years. I revisit those halls and ghosts with one of the prosecutors from the case to confront the memories of when I was 22 and still expecting justice for Ron. * Ron Hardy, who was a friend of Nicole and OJ and even knew about their domestic issues, tells me why he had to keep it to himself. * The ghost writer of the pseudo-confessional "If I Did It" tells us why he wrote that book with O.J. Simpson and what happened once they were alone in a room together. (Pablo told Simpson he thought he was guilty and Simpson raged.)

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