Laura Willoughby Releases How To Be A Mindful Drinker


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Author Laura Willoughby gave up drinking 4 years ago, and in the process realized that there were few options out there for people wanting to take a self-guided journey to kick their drinking habit. So, she set up Club Soda - a healthy lifestyle brand supporting individuals to change their drinking, whether they want to cut down, stop for a bit, or quit. A campaigner and “movement maker,” her mission is to create a world where no one feels out of place if they don’t drink. Laura’s book, How to Be a Mindful Drinker teaches you how to be more mindful when consuming alcohol and how it affects your mind and body and offers a practical support plan to help you take control of your alcohol intake, with tools to track progress, deal with triggers, social stresses, and stay on track for the long term. The techniques and tools in the book have been developed by Laura’s business partners Jussi Tolvi, a moderate-drinking Finn and behavioral change specialist, and Dru Jaeger, a writer and researcher.

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