Listen To The Way You Think


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In almost every comedy movie or television show a character says out loud something they were thinking. They take note of it and try to laugh it off, "Oh! Did you hear me think that?" Writers wouldn't put that into their scripts if we didn't do it out here in the real world. Listen to the way you think. Being a daily free form writer the energy from every element moving around and through me has the ability to take my mindset and put it anywhere that's available in the moment. On this podcast we talk about those places of cause and effect. We've become this generation of people that freely says what they're feeling then want instant forgiveness. We are mentally, physically and spiritually challenged to take our thoughts to a place of being heard then pay for it in the end. Being aware of what we say can also give off the tone of being extremely fake. I'm bothered by people who have to think out their answers. Just yesterday I texted a friend, "Its time for me to set aside these childhood dreams and wear a pair of grownup pants." He totally took that as a negative. It's clearly a case of me not listening to the way I think. What he felt was how I was ready to stop trying. That it was time to sell out, give up, put all of my junk in a trunk. I daily write to see where my mind is. I pay close attention to what's moving through the moment because it's a path of choices that lay ahead. We've all got too much on our minds. Most of us are pressure cookers waiting to bring a new scent and flava to the atmosphere. Is it the right time and decision? What's the payoff if its earned you another label? Listen to the way you think.

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