Message In A Bottle


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As kids we did it. Maybe more as adults. A belief system. What is my purpose? Where are the plans? In my daily writing I compared such a walk to that of a message in a bottle tossed out to sea. One day it will land on a sandy shore but who will be chosen to read? On this podcast we touch on the layers of what is hidden away. Messages. What if that's what it's supposed to be? Through your lessons learned it requires no true action or reaction you're designed to be just a message. How long are you out to sea? What if the hand written well thought out paragraph or many have faded and the eyes that see can find no reason to activate what you bring? How can you communicate what was to be the message? Some call this sort of writers speak being that of too artsy or too spiritual. A bottle set free on the ocean is more like those Hollywood movies where people set out to locate the way. That's what we were taught in martial arts. The foot fist way. I looked at my instructor one day and said, "Teach me this way thing." His reply put me inside the waters of a different ocean, "We don't teach the way. You have to locate the way." I thought it was God calling me to a more religious life only to learn I wasn't quite as deep with my spirituality as I seemed. The hardcore goers and followers saw less of my message in the bottle which pushed me like the wind to walk a different direction. Rather than being open with my mindfulness in the presence of now the choice was to be clear. Clear the closets of what's already been shared. Know why you're standing there. Little did I know that would lead to leaving people or them dropping me because this kind of talk is nonsense in the way of so many not knowing their own way. Messages in a bottle.

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