Natasha Scripture Releases Man Fest


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Despite the pressures from her wonderful, but overbearing Indian mother to find a man and settle down, Natasha Scripture wasn’t ready to get married. Nor did she want work in an office pushing papers. She wanted an exciting, globetrotting career. So when she landed her dream job as an aid worker for the United Nations, her addiction to adrenaline and fear of committing to one place, or person, was with her for the ride. But it all took a turn when her father became ill and she made the choice to remove herself from the frontlines, taking a job at UN headquarters in New York to be closer to him. Recognizing her privileged upbringing, Natasha wanted to connect with people and the world in a whole new way. Fed up with her demanding career, and the pressure to “settle down,” and “find a man,” Natasha decides to go on a "man fast." Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. After the death of her father, she realized she needed to do some soul-searching, to turn inward, and to do that, she needed to do what you could call a cleanse, ridding herself of anything standing in the way of her self-discovery. Men were at the top of the list. Natasha spreads her spiritual journey across 4 continents and MAN FAST takes her from meditating in an Ayurvedic ashram in southern India to toiling on a vineyard on Mount Etna to going on a solo-safari in a game reserve in southern Tanzania (where she also marries herself—yes, it’s a thing). With chapters tied to actionable themes—Allowing, Surrendering, Committing, Connecting, and Being—her book is an antidote to a culture that prizes finding the right man and settling down into a conventional pattern over taking the time to know and live and love your true self.

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