Plant It Or Stuff It Into Your Pocket


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I'm just as guilty as anyone. The very moment a dark cloud appears on the horizon we attempt to pick up positive seeds that could very easily get us through the potential of there being a storm. As a daily writer I begin each new sunrise with positive words and not the weight of stress, fear, doubt, shame or guilt. It helps to build a better first step that can never be predicted. You'll never catch me in a conversation about last nights dream. Good bad or ugly the moment it's brought up on social media or face to face you've invited that source of energy to have a place out here in reality. On this podcast we dive into the subject of keeping control of where we grow. Learning how to see through our own words and expressions without alerting the world of how it is we truly feel. I call it Hidden Speak. You aren't creating a false world. You're inviting yourself to begin a new path of emotions. We do more damage to ourselves than those we so often accuse. In the process of no longer beating ourselves up the daily walk should be supporting yourself with something positive. But beware. How you learn to talk to yourself or release from yourself has a strange way of becoming your way on the outside surface. I was once hauled into HR for sharing a positive thought to a coworker. They were offended. How dare I bring light to their darkness. When that happens just shrug your shoulders and move through the moment without fighting back or complaint. I love it when the hard working employees at McDonalds take my money then say, "Have a blessed day." It instantly recharges my battery. When you bump into things like this think of it as a seed. You get to make a choice. Plant the seed or stick it in your pocket.

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