Pod-Crashing Here Come The Politicians


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I’m quite anxious about the future of podcasting as we grow closer to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. The majority of today’s Broadcast outlets are owned and operated by huge corporations controlling the world of news. Yeah, I said it. Radio and television are connected to ratings and those making the decisions and or consulting do all they can to keep the line of content communication focused what the company supports and delivers. Right now we’re seeing the largest number of Democrats announcing their candidacy for the highest position on the planet. The best way to get the word out will be through the power of podcasting. There are no program directors, news directors or CEO’s laying claim to how this reporter didn’t fit the image they’re trying to project to the viewing and listening audience. Even bigger… Those hosting podcast shows want to talk to candidates and will give them ample time and space without charging a dime for air time. As of now there are no equal amount time rules for the vote chasers. Podcasters can pick one team and stick to it like gum on a shoe without ever sharing the same digital delivery with the challenger. Embrace it people! Radio and television will be bogged down with 30 and 60 commercials of every side causing a disconnection with people sick of hearing the mudslinging. In the world of podcasting you’ll have to power of choice. Yes I want to hear this person’s journey through politics or hell no we aren’t touching that wild monster on Capitol Hill. As a Podcaster I’ll say yes to every Tom, Dick or Harry running for public office. I feel it’s my job to get the entire story or someone will write it for them. Podcaster’s have the opportunity to truly educate the community and or poison it. Just remember, during these modern times of political silence the appearance of any candidates name on your podcast list can instantly turn your show into a moment of judging a book by its cover. Been there done that a few thousand times. Content is a beautiful thing especially when it brings a fresh approach to variety. A good idea might be to create a completely different podcast with the politics headed this way. I have many different shows because it separates subjects. I’d never put Hobby Discovery interview on a podcast show that’s focused on Hollywood actors and movies. The listener bee bops by and it’s like what? Why would my entertainment to the world connection be hooked up with a boat building show? A good example is you’re a hardcore sports announcer that knows the game and can pull off any sports replay like it was yesterday. On your sports podcast something appears on the show about a political candidate that’s not too hot in the numbers but you’re just trying to push them out there a bit. You take the hit. Suddenly the really good sports guy is wearing a different hat. Rock stars appear on my show View From The Writing Instrument because they write music. Chef also appear on the show because they come with cookbooks. A NASCAR driver promoting Home Depot won’t get the time on the show. That means I still won’t talk to the dude that keeps taking left hand turns. Content wins! The moral of this week’s story is to participate with what’s about to walk through that door in the podcast world. Politicians! You’ll always have the choice to pick which ones get airtime. You are the President and CEO of ME Inc. Don’t be shocked if the groups that are against certain candidates don’t reach out as well. You’ll need to have true leadership in who gets into your area of delivery. If your choice is to support one side and from your lips come words that go up against the other side, expect them to call out your name and identity. Be nice to all podcasters. Don’t be slinging things at other hosts doing what they’ve been blessed to share. Grab the content and watch your numbers increase or decrease. Everybody has something to sell. Get to their mission quickly then get back on your winning path. Never forget it’s always your podcast show. If the guest tries to dominate the conversation reach over and shut off the microphone. Wish them good luck. Give em a buck for the campaign then get on with your day.

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