Pod-Crashing Ten Reasons Why People Stop Podcasting


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Ten Reasons Why People Stop Podcasting Four times a year I’m blessed with the opportunity to spend two weeks lecturing on the importance of not only creating but maintaining a solid podcast vision. Seems pretty easy right. Latch onto a USB microphone or four. Hook it up to lap top. Tap into Adobe Audition, Garage Band or utilize the free recording systems on Anchor.fm and Spreaker. Invite the friends over and start talking. Yeah, that’s pretty much how a lot of podcasts start. Seems like a pretty fun hobby. Almost like turning your Saturday nights into B Movie Nights or breaking out board games. Just something fun to do and the rest of the world gets to jump in. During these two week lectures. Those who’ve chosen to attend aren’t fresh faces. We’ve pretty much hung out for five weeks. I know their walk before they take the first step. Most of them are burning and itching at the idea of being a podcast host that features several different players. I laugh with them and worry a lot when they’re not around. I podcast to win. It’s still a toy to them. A fragile toy that usually ends up broken on their street of dreams. Several weeks after the lecture I bump into most of them in the real world. They playing field has changed at this point. I’m not the instructor. I’m the Broadcaster. A totally different game is played. I’m paid to lecture. Not so true when bumped into. I waste no time cutting through podcast reality. They wanna know why they lost interest. They’re hurt, bent out of shape, angry at themselves and feel like someone fibbed on their visions and hopes. It all seemed so easy. The one thing you can’t do is go into podcasting thinking like a podcaster. Reaching 40 years in radio didn’t happen because I only did the work when I was in the mood. I battled the storms. I reinvented the paths of choice. I reached out endlessly to those that inspired me. I practiced everyday then and even now. I’ve come up with ten reasons why most people drop the ball and quit podcasting. 1. Too much hard work with no pay 2. Lack of listener numbers. Not growing fast enough 3. Post production laziness 4. Partners on the show quit showing up 5. Lack of uniqueness 6. Constantly changing the show 7. No promotional knowledge 8. Difficult to book top notch guests 9. No new ideas for each episode 10. Too hard on yourself The moral of the story is simple. My entire life every Tom, Dick and Harry has said that being on the radio looks like a fun and they’d do anything to be part of it. Just like anything else it’s a job! Podcasting is a job! It becomes a huge heavy weight chore when you’re no longer in the mental state to give give give to those chiming in. It’s called consuming content. Listeners love great information but the makers of the podcast moment can’t keep up with the demand. You’ll never catch me telling you that you can’t do a podcast. I will though question your dedication, loyalty, determination and respect for podcast listeners. That head and heart of yours are full of bright new ideas that require a lot of attention. In no time your creative energy will be locked up and empty! Without fear and doubt you’ve got to get back up and do 200 more episodes for show! It may take you a year or two but at least you met the goal.

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