Setting The Rhythm Of Your Day


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I love waking up in the morning. The music is always present in the head and heart. No matter how good or bad the weather, there's always something playing during those opening moments before the sun rises. No two songs get the same amount of mental airplay. Researchers call this an ear worm. Your brain is trying to remain active so it picks up what it's familiar with. On this podcast I come clean. I'm public with my beliefs connected to Christianity. Not once has the worship bands music played during those waking moments. Talk about a guilt trip! Then again, maybe that's why the beats remain silent. Worship music isn't always that place for glory. It's used to free you from nightmares and storms. In waking up to a worship song, it might in fact set off a troubling trigger of what's about to happen to this day? Same is true about waking up and the first thing you do is check your Facebook or pop on Good Morning America. I don't have memories attached to the songs that are present each new morning. Maybe its a radio thing but when I'm spinning music I have a total disconnection from the track. Do you know how many times I've played Michael Bolton, Boston, The Cars and yesterdays song was Motown Philly from Boyz II Men? What I've been able to sculpt out is a reason to use music forward. Each song that enters you is a new place to grow forward. Any song you pick up on YouTube or Pandora, let it be part of your present with no attachments to your past. Setting the rhythm of your day begins with new things, new ideas, new reasons to catch then set free. Going to work will change. Instead of carrying the weight of a memory you'll never shake. Open your moment to the idea of always being present in what you can control. The present. Hear those songs in your head and heart. Sing with them in the now.

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