Teach Me What You Know


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I've spent many a summers sitting outside wondering where the birds, deer, snakes and other creatures go when the wind begins to blow. It's as if they've got this strange unique way of suddenly becoming invisible! I hated the wind as a child. Growing up in Montana meant listening to those winter Chinook winds from Yellowstone National Park and the extremely powerful storms escaping the Rocky Mountains during the summer. My way around it was a small collection of 8-track tapes that were quickly slipped into the machine where I could turn up the volume of the earphones to the point of no longer participating with what nature was generating. I've always believed that's the reason why I got into radio. Where there's music I find safety. On this podcast we look into the ways we escape our personal storms. How we prepare for things we don't see coming. How assumption endlessly tries to write a story that doesn't exist. Just like the animals during the summer storms we've individually developed our own way of becoming invisible only to learn that once the storm is over it's time to pick up the pieces. How many hurricanes is your mind body and soul currently preparing you for? Will the Weather Channel folks help you share the story? Probably not. As a martial artist we are trained to face the winds of change and simply say, "Teach me what you know so that we can grow."

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