The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 139


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In the movie Bohemian Rhapsody they clearly make it a point to paint the picture of how radio would reject the length of the Queen song. How dare they try to release something that clocked in at just over six minutes! FM radio was present but wasn't scoring huge audiences yet. AM was king and Pop music was called Top 40 for a reason. There were 40 songs that needed airplay and Bohemian Rhapsody was going to get in the way of the programming clock. This past New Years Eve I sang the song during Karaoke. Not once did it feel like a six minute song. Which proves how fast time is soaring. On this podcast we take on that subject. How is it that a tree can slowly make its way through it's growing periods and seasons but humans struggle with the idea that it's already 2019. I share two ways on how to break free of the speed. Boredom. Locate it. Invest in it. Your imagination and creative process savors the escape. I've been on this little quest to locate jobs people don't want to do because its been labeled boring. It's my dream work at a Harris Teeter store just to sweep the floor. The physical ability of making sure the presentation is welcoming and clean is an investment in time slowing down. I'm a team member at Regal Theaters. The lines are huge before the movies start. Two hours of selling popcorn and candy flies by. It's that period between the showings that everything comes to a grinding halt. That's when I grab the towels and cleaning supplies and clean the handrails to the lights. Investing my energy into the building that people escape to slows down time. It's amazing how your imagination gets regenerated when you allow it to breathe. Break free of the rat race and locate a job nobody wants to do. Invest your energy into something horribly boring and you will begin to grow in ways that time took away years ago.

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