The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 150


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This one might actually strike a match and cause a fire. Preachers endlessly pass the word forward by way of reminding us that God uses others to speak directly into our paths of choice and direction. Who can argue with that? We all know people that have used their sense of peace as a great healing tool. But if you talk to many wandering through this everyday world how often do you hear them say, "I trust nobody. I will never put faith in another person." It's a collection of emotions. Back to the preachers. If God is using others to work his way into our game of chance and opportunity and we're putting ourselves in positions of no longer trusting the human stick figures where along the way does inspiration make it's way toward the victory or celebration? On this podcast something fell out of me that sent a shock wave through where I stood. I said, "I'm not in business with God. I'm out of business." Meaning my relationship with a higher source of growth doesn't need to be weighed down with the existence of business but rather relationship. You already have a boss. What your journey might be lacking is personal growth and forgiveness with absolutely no overtime. Being in business with God means judgement. Business also means overhead. Being in business means 98% of the time you aren't being a leader but rather counseling others on your team who might not be as invested in the success of your business. Being out of business with God is a relationship that won't break unless you choose to walk away and to my knowledge you never have to give a two week notice like a business. God didn't employ you and you didn't employ him or her. Therefore it's not a business. It's a walk and way of life that puts seeds in the soil. Let go of the vine and allow yourself to be caught not bought.

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