The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 154


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My mother spent a lot of time warning me about the way I walked as a child. She'd say "I need you to calm down with the words you speak. Not everybody loves Jesus the way you do. You're going to get hurt deeply in life if you continue to be this way. You're going to be sharply judged and it's going to force you to change in ways that future decisions won't be able to heal." Mom knew of the seven needs a human requires in order to survive is the physical act of being accepted. Openly speaking of my spiritual beliefs meant having friends probably wasn't going to be one of my lifetime achievements. Living a life of faith has its rewards but man there are a lot of lonely days. I'm not committed to joining groups and or organizations that praise the higher purpose and plan. I'm not afraid to point out the enormous amount of fakes. It's difficult for my heart to digest. I study the big names on those microphones never knowing who they are after the job is done. I don't want to know. The message was sent. I took down a book full of notes. Lets move forward. Who do you become after the word has touched? You know what? I don't need to know. Mom was very true to her reasons on why she shared with me to hush up. This isn't a negative. It's about knowing how connected believers are in spirit. Being accepted is a true need but so often we change our way when those feelings of awesome vibrations create cracks on the paths that shape friends and family. 57 years deep into this life and I'm still hearing my mothers words, "I don't think your heart is strong enough to withstand the judgement others will have because of you're vocal studies with Christ." It's that thought from a mother so loving that challenged me to walk a beyond the four walls of church and speak the street of openness. I may not have a strong heart in her eyes but when you walk into my home you'll know that when the microphones not on I'm still shining in the glory of a loving Christ. Not too many have accepted that side of me. How do you grow beyond losing friends and assumed loved ones knowing that who you are without a stage is everything in his name? These aren't the words of a Bible thumper but the process of accountability by way of actuality.

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