The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 161


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Words. We use them all the time. Until the internet most words either warmed the ears of the person on the other side or they caught our mind body and souls on fire because the way we've always used words is to herd cats and cattle. I've read so many articles fed by the waves of the way we are as a community based on the methods of word use we put into play. Basically meaning we truly don't watch what it is we're saying. We lay it out there and whatever happens pretty much is accepted. Then we're told to get over it. One of my greatest weaknesses as a writer is to stare into the photographs planted on social media or magazines that show bright beautiful people at places of businesses. I widen the picture to stare deeper into the eyes of each who is employed to see if I can catch a glimpse of the truer picture. Eyes don't lie. Pictures are worth a thousand words. On this podcast we dive into the sore spots caused by internet trolls and or those in our daily way that like to use words in ways that bend our foundations toward a dimmer light of truly believing in ourselves. Once broken you belong to a different mindset and path. A program director once said to me, "You're set in your ways. I don't need someone like you." I laughed because who I am is the end result of every program director that bent and shaped me. It did though open my eyes as to who is being offered the next level of workplace success and its those that are strong enough to take the word game and not let it get in their way. Until the day comes when every weapon of choice is just another judgement and the employees next step is to get out of the rat race. I invite you to take a deeper look into the pictures of perfect offices posted on the net. Stare into the eyes of those caught in a single moment of time. The floor might appear to be perfectly vacuumed but there's dust in the souls of those selling their souls to keep the four walls up and strong. This isn't a negative piece. This is a walk through awareness. Knowing you aren't alone. Knowing you have choices. Knowing how to listen to your own words to see if what you've received in years or days past do or don't sound like what you've been shaped to expect. If so... Grow from it. Your words are your image. What do others see?

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