The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 185


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My entire life. I've never been a fan of wind. Maybe it's because in Montana the giant gusts that would race out of Yellowstone National Park were strong enough to pick up a tree and slam it into a new story. On this podcast we talk about the wind and how in 1999 while standing in South Beach, Florida I tried to spiritually connect with the amazing about of wind blowing that night. The writer in me. The crazy imagination I carry. I stood watching the bird feathers unevenly flowing from side to side then out across the sandy beach. Then it hit me. The wind is so strong in Miami because this is where time delivers human souls. The wind blows from California to Florida picking up any or all the once living energies and brings them to the edge so they can walk without question across the water. An insane way of thinking right? It might make a great movie! Look at what Sleepless In Seattle did. Even today while sitting inside the forest I've been part of for 27 years I've never stopped thinking about that windy night in Florida. While the breeze increases and begins to bend trees I can't help but think of the souls traveling. It's a personal thing but I've never believed who we grow into becoming is empowered by the moments of where we presently stand. The wind brings a traveler to your area of the universe and its your choice to invite the soul to stay. Who they might have been is now part of your world and then some. Newer ideas, reasons to laugh, memories of something you can't explain. I know maybe it was last nights dream. The wind! It's always carrying seeds toward an un-promised tomorrow. What if for a moment you did see something while the wind was blowing and the next time you looked in the mirror a part of its shape was now in your image? How do you grow forward or are you quick to shake the spirit free?

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