Structure Your Days to Be in Control of Your Art Business Now (#46)


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For the foreseeable future, I’m dedicating the Art Biz Podcast to what you can do now to stay in control of your art business. It’s just going to be me talking. Episodes will be shorter and more frequent. There will be no music. No bells and whistles. My goal is respond to the situation quickly and to keep you going at the expense of a fancy, professionally engineered audio program. I hope you understand.

I need you to be part of the conversation. I need to hear from you! Please join me on Instagram using #ArtBizNow and bookmark as a hub for art business resources during this crisis.

So, staying in control of your art business. It sounds like a simple theme, but it’s profound.

So much of what is happening right now is beyond your control. You can’t control how many people get sick. You can’t control how fast the virus spreads. You can’t control what our leaders do (though you can vote and I strongly urge you to do that).

But you can control how you react. It’s critical for your well being that you pay attention to what is in your control. This is going to make you feel much more optimistic about the future, and give you fuel to carry on.

I want to begin this series by discussing how you spend your time every day, hour, and minute—even if you have kids at home.

In this episode, I discuss why having structure is so important right now and review 6 activities that you can schedule in order to stay in control of your art business.


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