The Impatient Artist: How Much Time Will Your Art Career Take? Encore (#45)


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Cynthia Morris helps writers, artists and entrepreneurs make their big dreams a powerful reality. Cynthia is a certified coach, teacher, author and artist. In 1999, she founded Original Impulse, a boutique coaching company that empowers creative people to focus, follow through and finish projects that matter. The author of the The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book, Cynthia has published seven e-books on writing and creative travel as well as the Paris historical novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach.

She is a watercolor artist and visual journal keeper who uses art as a way to express joy and consistently access inspiration.

Back in 2016 Alyson sat down with Cynthia to discuss an affliction many of their artist-clients suffer from: Impatience. Especially around making money.

This was the first episode in what became the Art Biz Podcast.

The conversation started with a consideration of the pitfalls of impatience, and quickly launched into a variety of topics that all have to do with what it takes to be a professional artist.

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