Western Artist Terri Kelly Moyers Ep. 45 interview with Dr.Mark Sublette


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Terri Kelly Moyers cannot recall a time when she didn't want to be anything other than an artist. She drew animals as a child, and consistently directed most of her time and energy toward pursuing that goal, with her studies at the Alberta College of Art.
Terri spent her early years making her living as a pet portrait artist until she was able to break out of this mold and find her passion for Western Art. Terri Kelly Moyers is the wife of John Moyers, Terri discusses trying to survive to support herself as an artist in the 1980's and being rejected for membership in the Cowboy Artists of America and the hardship of being a woman artist.
Terri Kelly Moyers also believes she has been fortunate to be able to study with a number of fine artists, including Robert Lougheed, Bob Kuhn, Kenneth Riley, and Howard Terpning. She also has studied with Ned Jacob, Clarence Tillenius and William Moyers, the noted cowboy artist who is her father-in-law.
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