Podcast 288: Bruce Dawson


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Bruce Dawson came on my radar recently for a really interesting project: he is one of the two instructors for the Kadenze course on creating audio applications using the JUCE framework. He got that opportunity by being a C++ developer with one of my favorite sound and plug-in developers, Output. So I reached out, he was into it, and here's the podcast!

This is also another opportunity to quiz someone on their CalArts experience. There are so many people throughout the industry that have gone through CalArts programs to do great things, so I consider it a great chance to talk someone from there. And Bruce's path into CalArts is pretty remarkable as well. A great story, and some good insights into code-work-play-music balance, as well as giving us a chance to think about the details necessary to do the kind of work Output is known for.

Enjoy, check out some of Bruce's Soundcloud work (https://soundcloud.com/synchronometry) and put some eyes on that Kadenze course (https://www.kadenze.com/courses/advanced-audio-plugin-development/info)


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