Podcast 290: Ralf Kleinermanns


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If you spend much time around the Ableton video stash (https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/categories/videos/, you will have seen Ralf Kleinermanns' work. He is the head of documentaries at Ableton, and he creates some of the most inspirational and motivating artists videos I've ever seen. While it might seem like its a simple matter of finding the right artist and turning on the camera, Ralf talks about the process of choosing an artist, putting together a plan and executing the shoot - as the starting point of the storytelling process.

Ralf's background really set him up for this gig, too. As a writer in the MI industry, he got a chance to meet a lot of artists, and a lot of the players in the MI industry. As a photographer, he really learn about image and visual composition. And as a student of recording science, he found out he didn't really like being a recording engineer! All good educations, and it led to Ralf becoming the artist that he is.

Enjoy the interview, and learn more about Ralf's work at the Ableton link above, or at his personal website (http://www.ralfkleinermanns.de/). And if you happen to come across one of his Wizoo books in a thrift shop, let me know - it's the kind of thing I love collecting.


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