Podcast 324: Peter Kirn


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I'm not sure where you go to learn about music industry activities, but I'll bet that CDM (Create Digital Music) - https://cdm.link/ - is one of those places. Run by Peter Kirn, CDM provides long-form narratives on music creation, tools and projects. It's well-managed, and is part of my daily reading routine - and possibly yours, too.

So with its coverage of commercial MI gear, DIY hacker projects, live modular performances and crazy AI experiments, you've got to wonder about the person behind all of this. Peter is one of those guys that seems to have woven together his perfect life: focusing on music developments on a site of his design, working with James Grahame on the MeeBlip project, performing, speaking and cutting releases.

In our chat we get to dig into his background - which is mighty fascinating. We also talk about the 'grind' of daily writing, how he chooses the thing that he is going to write about, and how he found himself making techno music with a background in traditional composition. Really wonderful discussion, and one that reveals a lot about the man behind CDM.


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