Podcast 362: Will Kuhn


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Will Kuhn is well-known in the Ableton Live community. He pioneered the use of Ableton in the K-12 classroom, and recently released a new book: Electronic Music School: A Contemporary Approach to Teaching Musical Creativity. I was happy to corner him recently, and we had a great chat about his background, how he approaches teaching, and how he developed the system described in the book. We also dive into some ‘hot takes’ from the book, which adds a little flavor to this important text.

But perhaps the most interesting part of our discussion was his description of creating the program, and writing the book, and figuring out how to make music instruction both interesting and educational. He also reveals how he is able to teach outside of the pure “music education” stream, opening up an Electronic Music program as an elective for the general population.

You can learn more about Will’s work at his website (https://willkuhn.com/), and see plenty of videos where he’s presented his work (including at the Berlin Ableton Loop). He is also involved in the TI:ME (Technology In Music Education), which you can read about here: https://ti-me.org/


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