Podcast 242: Craig Colorusso


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When I first ran across Craig Colorusso's work, it was in a very familiar situation - a place I recognized from my occasional teaching stints down in Colorado Springs. Looking into it, it was not only a nice piece of work in a familiar location, but it turns out to be a sound sculpture, with equal focus on both the sculpture and the sound of it. I had to learn more!

It turns out that the Colorado Springs installation (called the Moon Pod) is a recent creation from sound/sculpture artist Colorusso, and I was really intrigued. I've had a chance to do some work with outdoor sonic artwork, and it is definitely not an easy road. Reviewing his earlier work, I saw solar-powered speaker systems, sonically-activated swings and so much more, with everything having a signature sound (generally derived from guitar tones) created to be long-form pieces.

Talking to Craig was just as interesting as reviewing his pieces. From his history as a guitarist, time in a butoh dance company and his current work as a composer writing pieces for sculpture, he's put together a fantastic art practice - and a fantastic life, too. He's a down-to-earth guy that loves to work, and to create great things.

You can check out Craig's work on his site: www.craigcolorusso.com, and listen to short-form versions of his tracks on Spotify, Apple Music and other services. Enjoy!

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