Podcast 275: Jim Coker


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Back in Podcast 38, we talked to Jim Coker - the developer behind Numerology and the company Five12. Well, it's been five years, and a lot has happened since then. I met up with Jim at Synthplex, and got a quick catch-up; I also realized that we needed to have another interview, because things have gotten very real for him since we last talked!

It's all about hardware, baby. In this case, that would be the Vector Sequencer: a no-holds-barred sequencer for Eurorack systems that brings much of the sequencing power of Numerology into the Eurorack world. This device provides many of my favorite features into its 3u height, so you can expect that I wanted to know how that could happen.

As always, Jim was willing to share - and to be patient as I marveled at what he pulled off. This sequencer is significant enough to occupy the center of a decent studio (much like Numerology itself), and bring the step sequencing game to a new level of awesome.

You can learn more about both Numerology and the Vector Sequencer at five12.com


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