AALP 176 – Money Breakthrough with Clara Mosha


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Today is the first of a several part Money Breakthrough series where I am showing you examples of what happens behind the scenes when I help entrepreneurs remove their money blocks. The first session is about one hour in length and takes place with Clara Mosha who is ready to unleash her highest self and do more of the work she is here to do — but to be able to do that she needs to increase her earnings and stop struggling with money.

During the session, Clara talks about what her life has been like while struggling with money and how ready she is for change going forward.

As part of the process I walk her through we explore and then identify the root belief she is holding onto that keeps her from increasing her income.

Once identified, I walk Clara through a process that I’ve used hundreds of times to help my clients break through the walls that keep them in a mental and emotional prison. Bt listening in you can’t help but notice patterns in your own life with money.

During the process you will see exactly how the shift transpires and what it takes for Clara to shift into a new perspective with her past and her future.

Here is what Clara shared a few weeks after the session:

“This year I have been on a quest to go deeper into the reasons why I have mental blocks when it comes to money… spending it and making it. I begun my journey by signing up to Leisa’s Infinite Abundance meditations earlier in the year. I wanted to share the recent shift I had soon after our breakthrough session. This was the first time I had worked with Leisa 1-1. She has a wonderful, natural & gentle way of helping me get into deeper layers of things, events, thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been holding me back… some of which were coping protective mechanisms that no longer serve me. During the session I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders as I begun to accept that everything and every event in my life this far has been absolutely perfect! The feeling of gratitude was and still is overwhelming. I felt a sense of openness as Leisa gave me some simple tools to practice to allow Abundance in my life. The day after our session I got a facebook message from a lovely lady called Jenny who is an educator in women’s health asking me to be part of her global summit and I knew this was perfectly aligned to where I envisage my coaching business to go. I am convinced that this came because Leisa had helped me to open up to opportunities in whatever form they come. I am so excited and so grateful to Leisa!” ~Clara Mosha


If you would like to set up a Money Breakthrough session with Leisa send an email to lpeterson@wealthclinic.com.

The Breakthrough session includes questions to answer prior to your session, a 2 hour session on Zoom, Skype or by phone (longer if necessary) and follow up 30 minute session to ensure you are able to put the breakthrough into immediate practice in your financial life.

By the time you are done with this session you will know:

  • A primary reasons why you have not been able to achieve your goals with money,
  • You will have the opportunity to release and integrate this understanding emotionally, physically and psychically/energetically, and
  • Your plan of action for what to do with money differently going forward.

This is a life changing opportunity that you do not want to miss. I do not typically meet with people 1-1 because of the amount of energy this sort of session requires — but I have been called to make it available for a limited time in this way.

The fee for a money breakthrough session is $600 U.S.

Namaste, Leisa


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