AALP 178 – A New Atlantis


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Nearly two decades ago I set out to explore what it really takes to create a life you love.

Eventually inviting others to join in the “experiment” by attending my meditation classes, mentorship, retreats, masterminds, and financially focused workshops while testing how it would translate into the lives of others.

Along the way learning the how’s, why’s and what’s for unearthing one’s potential to live a spiritually vibrant and financially prosperous life.

The pathway has been filled with unexpected twists and turns and cannot be found in any one book or methodology — instead appearing like a kaleidoscope of beliefs and experiences that change shape as you move through life with a heightened value on spiritual purity, morality and incorruptibility.

Over the past three 1/2 years I’ve coached and mentored business owners, sales professionals, corporations and even a few non-profits and what I have learned is that there is a need for my gifts of thinking outside of the box while helping business owners and influencers do three critical things:

  1. Optimize how they spend their time and what they work on so they maximize their income and profitability while tapping into their deepest passions,
  2. Get out of their own way when it comes to creating an abundant life and business.
  3. Collaborate, connect and contribute within a group of like-minded peers who share similar goals and aspirations.

Additionally I’ve seen how to valuable it is for people to quickly and dramatically drop the stories of judgement, lack of compassion and self-sabotage so they improve their relationship with themselves, their family, their colleagues and their clients — and are in a position to live their best life everyday.

Regularly engaging in trusting and respectful groups that hold space for mindfulness and awareness building, reflective exercises, emotional healing and meaningful discussion teaches us how to maintain our level of attention and intention without falling off the wagon or if we do, we’re able to quickly bring ourselves back to feelings of joy.

There is magic that comes through groups that dates back to our ancestry in tribes who gathered around the fire to connect, debrief and enjoy the company of each other — it is like we are wired to work together and find our highest truths through these interactions.

Working together is what these times are calling of us — tapping into the combined natural power of many rather than the force needed by one to effect results. The momentum gained by the collective, with each person evidencing their own natural brilliance, is what will change the world of the future.

Granted not everyone feels the pull of this way of being — but for some of us we discover that the more we become our truest selves, the more we’re drawn to the power of creating as part of collaborative groups.

All of this brings me to sharing what I am creating for the new year…

It’s called The Atlas Collective — and it is a community dedicated to changing the world by helping members unearth their fullest potential and soar to new heights financially, emotionally and spiritually.

This is a collaborative project designed to explore the psychological and spiritual aspects of what it means to be in the world as a leader and change maker but not be “of it”. Members commit, both individually and collectively, to model and embody the kind of behavior in their daily lives and communities. Members also recognize that such embodiment requires great patience and maturity and they agree to support each other through the challenges that this path entails.

The various teachings and methodology to be explored represent a tested path for individuals and groups to advance to a higher level of consciousness while becoming unshakeable in one’s financial well-being. This is achieved through the recognition and transmutation of one’s own behavior patterns through self awareness, daily practical application and deep contemplation. Members of the Collective thus have a high sense of personal accountability and a gentle humility that always tries to see the very best in others, regardless of circumstances.

The benefits you can expect by participating in the program include:

  • New friendships that align with your unique perspective about life and it’s lessons
  • New ideas that support your own personal growth and evolution
  • New ideas that support your client’s growth and evolution
  • Strategies that help you to increase your income and wealth creation
  • Reinforcement to stay on track to your highest principles and ideals — so that your actions are coming from your best self
  • Ability to practice and then apply an emerging style of Leadership in your life and business
  • Greater resiliency and strength in riding the waves of life — so that things don’t knock you off your center
  • New found trust in Self and the world

If you would like to learn more, you can book an introductory session on my calendar — I will provide questions to answer before we meet.

XOXO, Leisa

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