AALP 179 – The Art of Timing with Daniel H. Pink


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What happens when everything in life comes down to timing? That is the topic that Daniel Pink explores in his latest book, WHEN The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing and what we’re talking about in our conversation today.

Dan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Drive, To Sell is Human and A Whole New Mind – Why Right Brainers Will Rule The World. His Ted talk, The Puzzle of Motivation has over 6.5 million views is a must see for business owners and leaders.

During our conversation we discuss:

-One possible reason why Dan’s Ted Talk has been viewed so many times.

-A powerful technique Dan uses to write his books so they leave a lasting impression on readers (like me!)

-A powerful restorative technique that everyone knows about but most people don’t utilize enough.

-Why learning about timing helps you become more compassionate with your teenagers (this is one I really needed to learn 🙂

-One downfall of living in an abundant society and what we can do differently to experience more fulfillment alongside of our abundance.

It was an honor to have this conversation with Dan (it only took three years to come together but was well worth the wait) — I look forward to hearing what you think in the comments!

XOXO, Leisa

To purchase Dan’s latest book – WHEN – The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing CLICK HERE

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