AALP 202 – Ditching Debt with Tracie Fobes


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During this incredible conversation with Tracie Fobes, otherwise known as the Penny Pinchin Mom on her wonderful website, www.pennypinchinmom.com, she shares her journey to finding financial freedom after going through a financial breakdown.

When in her 20s, Tracie found herself at a financial crossroads and made some poor decisions – including filing for bankruptcy. Several years later, she and her husband had accumulated more than $37,000 in debt. This time, however, she did it the right way. Within 27 months, they paid off their entire debt — all on one income. She now helps people across the country learn to better manage their money and serves as an inspiration for overcoming financial hurdles and making positive changes in her life.

During our conversation, you’ll learn the exact steps Tracie and her husband took to get our of debt and how you can start taking steps in your own life to improve your financial situation right away!

Tracie is offering listeners 25% off of savings on her course, The Financial Reboot Course – that is already super inexpensive!! check it out HERE — enter ART25 to save!

I love Tracie’s website and wanted to share a blog post that really jumped out at me about the cashless cash envelope system — check it out here:

An excerpt:
“While using cash has emotion attached to it, tracking every purchase requires awareness. You are always watching what you spend and where. There are no surprises that you spent $250 on groceries when the budget was $200. You see it happening right in front of you.

The cashless envelope system works because:

  1. You don’t have to worry about carrying or getting cash.
  2. It forces you to track of your spending in real time.
  3. You can see exactly where your money goes and make budget adjustments as needed.

The cashless envelope system forces you to be more responsible for your spending without the hassle of carrying money.

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