Will more cash make you feel safe? With Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin


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What would it take, for you to feel truly SAFE? It’s one of the questions we must ask ourselves, when facing personal and global uncertainty. It’s an emotional question. A somatic question. And a money question. In my Art of Money community, we have members from all points along the earning spectrum — from self-described “under-earners” to people earning well over six figures per year. And you know what I’ve learned? Feeling safe has nothing to do with money. And everything. (Just not in the way you might think.) This is just one of the reasons I’m so grateful to today’s Money Memoir guest, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. In this incredibly candid interview, “fearless entrepreneur” Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin opens up about why she had a “scarcity mentality” and felt insecure, even earning oodles of money on Wall Street. And, most importantly: what she did to feel more safe. Inside, and out. I’m so honored by Elizabeth’s grace and bravery. Listen in as she tells stories about: - How she realized earning a lot wasn’t enough, to feel safe with money - The specific image she uses to save money without feeling deprived or controlling - Her courageous, nerve-wracking moment of sitting down with her “financial wizard” father to show him her credit card debt How she and her artist husband polarized around money (so common!) - Why she’s making unconventional financial decisions in her divorce How she defines being a “grownup” with money, and how she’s working toward this in 2017.

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