287: Best Practices for Managing Procurement Performance w/ Pierre Lapree and Jason Treida


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This week’s podcast is based on our recent AOP Live session with Pierre Lapree and Jason Treida. They joined us last month to take live audience questions about how procurement can maximize the value potential of automation while ensuring that performance management is not lost in the ‘noise’ of technology.

Most of today’s technology focuses on either the transactional aspects of procurement (P2P) or shiny new toys (RPA/AI/Blockchain). It does not necessarily provide a holistic view our activity and performance. And yet, it is those activities and that performance that determine procurement’s impact and influence now and in the future.

In this live session, we discussed:

  • Procurement’s Fascination with ‘Shiny’ Technology
  • The stages of procurement maturity, and how performance should be measured and incentivized as we progress
  • The power and importance of corporate ‘rituals’
  • How a careful consideration of procurement performance management requires us to approach technology selection and implementation differently

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