Reprogramming sexy with MATH Magazine founder MacKenzie Peck


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MATH Magazine is high-quality smut for discerning tastes. It has a commitment to showing a range of body types, beauty ideals, genders, and identities all having a grand old sexy time together. Founder MacKenzie Peck talks about her journey to creating MATH Magazine and what it’s like to run a smut-powered business.


Searching for the Big Bad Peanut Man | Horny teenage Googling | Hairy Hippies in Love | Not finding the right kind of porn | The ambiguously sexual narratives of Balthus | The sexy potential of dress up | Some simple questions to ask yourself to figure out what kind of life you want | Confronting internal biases of what is sexy | Reprogramming the masses through porn | Representing people without it being “about” that representation | Scaling up ethics | The Cambria List


Mystery Box - February 14

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