We’re all cuckolds! With Isabel Dresler


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Erotic filmmaker and photographer Isabel Dresler goes deep talking porn like an art queer, being a Snack Daddy, being the only female type on gay porn sets, and reveals the secret for making super convincing cum shots.

Snack daddies | We’re all cuckolds! (And it’s awesome) | Watching other people have sex is chill | Toxic Masculinity even exists on gay porn sets | Kanye West’s nonsense | Deep fakes | Sexual fantasies | Subverting sexual stereotypes | Exhibitionism is awesome | Masturbation stigma | Gay porn vs straight porn | Being creepy for fun | The joys of color photography | The Male Gayz | Respecting the boners | Toilet slaves is safer to say than “water sports” | Harlequin romance gay boy porn

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