Episode 28: Entomology and Entrepreneurship with Aaron Dossey

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Howdy, howdy bug lovers! Today on Arthro-Pod we meet up with Dr. Aaron Dossey of All Things Bugs. Aaron is ascientist who has followed an interesting career trajectory from postdoc to CEO. He's got a book out (link down below) wrote the resolution to get National Postdoc Appreciation Week passed by congress! In the show, we cover topics like insects as a sustainable food source, what it takes to start a science business, and how to craft your grad school experience towards an entrepreneurial end.

Dr. Dossey provided some great links to follow up on if you are interested:
Main All Things Bugs LLC / Griopro (R) site:
email: info@cricketpowder.com
Book link:
Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients: Production, Processing and Food Applications
Book on Amazon:
Book link on my page:
Individual chapters:
Invertebrate Studies Institute (ISI) Facebook page:
All Things Bugs facebook page:
All Things Bugs on Twitter:
Invertebrate Studies Institute on Twitter:
Griopro on Twitter:
ISFFI on facebook:
ISFFI on twitter:

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