Episode 16 - Van "The Man" Morrison


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Welcome Back! This week turned into an unintentional emotional Solo-Sode for me. Van Morrison has always been an essence and reminder in music to stick to You even when you can't see yourself. Even though my knowledge of his catalog is not like the back of my hand, his songs have touched me in ways that I can only describe as a "brings me to tears" feeling, and bring me to tears during the recording he did. I start with a breakdown "Saint Dominic's Preview" from 1972 with my perception of the epic tone it carries, and take a trip down some difficult memories that turned to hope when hearing & when discussing "Brand New Day" from the well-known "Moondance" album. More than dissecting the lyrics, I discuss what Van the Man can make someone feel, and for myself, how he conveyed hope in a very simple song when one can't seem to locate it. His ability to paint a picture and sprinkle incredible melodies like no one else can will be talked about for ages, and I'm grateful for the outlet of ALA to open up on this Podcast about his impact on my life. Hope you all enjoy and have a great week!

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