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In this episode I am joined by the dynamic ethical leader Hannah Wilson, join us and listen to Hannah as she empowers women and help them to rise by sharing her story of empowerment and what it means to be a confident woman and teen today.
Hannah is a former Headteacher who is now a leadership development consultant, trainer and coach. She is the Co-Founder of #WomenEd and #DiverseEd. She specialises in Mental Health and Wellbeing; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Resilient Leadership.
Takeaways from this episode:
- Owning your struggles as part of your success.
- Self love and appreciation is important in loving yourself. If we don't love ourselves no one will love us either.
- The biggest inhibitor for women and girls is other women's behaviour and the fear of judgement from them.
- Insecure people try to pull and hold you back.
- Success needs to be identified by you.
- Women and girls should be celebrating, championing and lifting each other up, not pulling each other down.
- Don't break down your confidence based on what people about you.
- It's time to start breaking the stereotypes of being a female leader such as;
giving up your emotional characteristics as opposed to being assertive. You can be STRONG and have a GENTLE heart at the same time.
and so much more.
You can find Hannah here:
Twitter: @Ethical_Leader
Diverse Educators Website: DiverseEd
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