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Listen in as a master of speaking teaches us how to construct a phenomenal TED Talk. Davide Di Giorgio is an UNapologetic Speaker, Author and TEDx Coach who works tirelessly to empower high achievers to discover, develop, and deliver powerful missions, messages and ideas worth spreading around the world. What Davide teaches is worth thousands of dollars and you'll hear it here for free.

Show Highlights

  • Get the one warning Davide gives to all speakers
  • Find out the best formula for TedX Talks
  • Learn why it's not best to memorize your speech
  • Discover the secret to Beyonce's success and apply her formula for your success

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Show Transcription

Shirlene: Welcome to the show, my friends. I'm so glad you're here with me and so grateful that you spend the time to listen to what I bring to you because you'll get so much out of it over time. Every one of these guests is stellar in their field of business and that's why it's so much fun for me to interview them and it's so much fun for you to learn and change your business, your life, your finances, and particularly your sales.

Let's talk a little bit about speaking and getting your mission out there. What is it that you want to share with everybody in the world? I know that you have a message that's so important and many people, many entrepreneurs come to me and say, "I want to do a Ted talk. Have you done a Ted talk? I want to find out how to go about doing that." Or, "I want to know how to put a speech together. I can't quite figure out how to put the best speech together. And I seem to get all tangled up in my words." Or another thing they tell me is, "I'm just scared to death. I don't know if I can do a speech. I don't know if I could stand on a stage. I don't know if I can do it at all. I'm absolutely terrified." And let me tell you, I was in that space in my life. I used to be extremely shy. Can you believe that? I was so shy and I never knew what to say in front of a group. Have you ever had that experience? I would just turn inside out and then one day this cowboy, and I mean really a cowboy. He was an older guy. He came up to me and he said, "You know, I think you have a huge mission and I think you should begin to share it."

And I thought, how does this guy even know me? He came out of nowhere and he says, I have a huge mission. How does he even know? I don't even know what my mission is yet. Because at that time I certainly didn't. And I said, "What makes you think I need to go to Toastmasters?" He says, "I can tell you've always been afraid to speak in front of a group." And I said, "That's absolutely true." He said, "When did that start in for you?" And I told him it started when I was a tiny little child and I had to dance on stage, as a snowman, and I couldn't remember the steps. And from that point on I was scared to death to be on stage. Have you ever had an experience like that? You were even speaking in a small group and somebody tore you down or didn't like what you had to say and then suddenly you realize, Oh, well maybe my opinion isn't worth while. Well we all have something important to say to those who resonate with us here on earth.

And I think that if you go to Toastmasters, like I did, that's just a stepping stone. Let me tell you. I mean, you can stay in it forever and get leadership skills and all kinds of really wonderful things. It's a tremendous package for so very little and it gets you beyond those fears. It worked for me. So I'll suggest it to you and if you do go to Toastmasters, or start looking for a group, try two or three. Don't just go to one and join because you want to go to one that resonates with you or that is a group of people in your target market for your business, or maybe they're all working toward a common goal. And some speak Chinese and some speak Spanish and some are in corporations. If you want to work with your business in corporations, I'd suggest you go to a corporation that has a Toastmasters. Outsiders can do it as well as insiders. If you don't have any interest in a corporation, then don't go there. Go where you feel the most comfortable.

But let's get back to our guest today. Our guest is all about TedX talks and Ted talks and teaching how to put yourself in the bright light. Now, this gentleman is really amazing. He is an unapologetic speaker, author, leadership, TedX, and influencer coach. He's the founder of Unapologetic Enterprises. Boy, don't you love that name? And the creator of the Speaker of Mastermind Experience At Sea. As a long time theater producer, educator, and visionary leader, he's been on a mission to empower high achievers to discover, develop, and deliver powerful missions. Exactly what I'm talking to you about today. He wants you to create a powerful message or an idea worth spreading around the world. His philanthropic endeavor, Project UNX, dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students and teachers. This gentleman provides an unapologetic approach that has made him the go to creative expert for on purpose executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to become unstoppable global leaders. So let's welcome Davide Di Giorgio to the show. Davide, I am so excited to have you on the show because you have so much phenomenal information to share.

Davide: Hello. I'm so thrilled to be here with you Shirlene. Thanks so much for the invite.

Shirlene: Oh, you are certainly welcome. It's my pleasure. You are so good with speakers and getting them out there. What do you find is the biggest challenge that you have with those who do want to start speaking?

Davide: Oh, that's a great question. The biggest challenge, I was having a conversation about this earlier today actually. People don't understand that if you want to actually speak, you have to speak. And the interesting part is to shift the mentality from this whole idea of public speaking to it's just speaking. You are being intentional as a speaker and you've arrived into this world as a speaker. And now when you've decided, okay, I want to speak from a stage, or I have a message that I want to share. It's just getting intentional about what you're saying and starting to package your thoughts in a way so that people respond and react the way that you want them to. Or so that you're delivering your vision to the world in a very specific way. So I think the thing that really stops people is that they don't, they don't realize that becoming a speaker isn't about sitting at your computer and trying to figure out what your keynote is going to look like or sitting and writing it out.

Speaking is about going out there and speaking. And you know what, just like anything else in this world, it might not be so great when you start. And that's okay. But the more you start speaking, and even if you're speaking one on one, but in your mind you're like, okay, I'm going to be intentional with what I'm saying here and delivering an idea and a message. As you start speaking, things start to formulate and you start to realize how to deliver a message in a way that is very compelling. You pay attention to how people respond and react to you. And you start to repeat things that work and you get more confidence. And so really, like I said, the biggest thing that people don't do is they don't just go out and put themselves out there and just speak to networking events, small groups. Host a little event in your own home, even. Have some friends over and say, "Hey, I wanna, you know, I want to present something for 10, 15, 20 minutes even.

Shirlene: That's a really good idea. Inviting people to your home because if you're trying it on. I love to talk to people about trying it on. Don't worry about making mistakes, but particularly if you invite people to your home and they happen to be your friends, then they'll give you some really positive feedback. Isn't that right?

Davide: Absolutely. Now, here's the one warning that I give all speakers and especially when it's people who are closer to you, family and close friends. Be careful what you ask for. Feedback, when you ask people for feedback, just like that can be dangerous because everybody has an opinion. And oftentimes that opinion is not expert on speaking. However, if you ask people, look, I'm working on becoming a speaker and I want to be more intentional and I want to start sharing this message out there, here's what I want you to tell me after I'm done. What did you understand? What didn't you understand, or where did I lose you, and what would you love more of? And then what you're doing is giving your audience an opportunity to give feedback like, "Oh, I didn't get this part in your story or information. Could you explain a little bit more of that?" Which gives you information that maybe you need to add a little more. Or they'll say, "Oh, I love the part where you shared this story. I want to know more of the story." There you go. You got information about like, okay, I need to expand on that area. Right? So it's very specific feedback rather than I didn't get it, or I didn't really understand or I didn't like that, or I think you should like turn this way when you're speaking. All of that starts to get very subjective, right? But you want to be very clear with the kind of feedback that you're eliciting from your audiences.

Shirlene: So it would almost be good to print out a little paper, that you hand to them, that asks those questions.

Davide: Yes, absolutely. Just be very intentional with the kind of feedback that you want and reserve your expert feedback about the actual art and business of speaking for those who are experts on those topics.

Shirlene: So Davide, what do you think is the best formula for putting your speech together? Because I've watched a lot of Tedx and you know some of it is so boring. So how do you get beyond that boring stage?

Davide: It's so funny because even on the website for Ted itself, they warn against speaker coaches and people who are trying to sell a formula for what a great talk is. And on the website it says, "A great talk has a great beginning, a great middle and a great end. And you know, it seems almost trite to say that, but if you can commit to... So my background is in theater and performance and I really like the three act structure. Now there's ways to expand on that. But if you basically think, okay, I need a beginning which has to be compelling and hook the audience in, a middle, which is sort of the bulk of your information or the content or whatever it is that you're sharing and then you're ending again, has to be as compelling if not more compelling than your opening to really end on a high note. And when you just have a simple structure and you don't get lost in the weeds of all the content and all the ideas that you want to share. It makes it much more linear for the audience to follow.

The other secret that I've discovered, with making a talk not boring is, and especially if we're talking with a Ted Style Ted worthy talk, you want to share one idea. So let me give you an example in popular music. Notice any song three, four, five minutes long. There's one idea and they usually repeat it over and over and over again in the chorus and the lyrics. I always like to joke. You know, Beyoncé is approaching billionaires status because she says a couple of things over and over and over again. And that really is the key.

So what happens is speakers try to pack too much information into 10 minutes, 15 minutes, into 90 minutes, God help us. When you put less information in and you use, what I like to call the Beyoncé-ism of repetition, and you repeat ideas over and over again in different ways. People Latch on and it becomes much more interesting and exciting.

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